.The MOT is neither a predictive nor a diagnostic test. It should not be regarded as a substitute for proper maintenance. Components must be assessed by their condition at the time of test. This means that if a component is still servicable and doing its job, even though there may be slight wear, it is not necessarily a reason for rejection.


  The MOT test is based on minimum standards, as set by VOSA.

 For example the friction material thickness of brake pads can be as little as 1.5mm but if brake output readings are adequate then a fail is not justified and an advice notification should be issued. (VT32). It is then the owners decision as to when these parts are replaced.


  Similarly, the exhaust may have a mounting bracket deteriorated, but if it is fully supported by the other mountings then it is not a reason for rejection. There are many instances where these minimum standards apply. At Mot MickyB we always give a fair assessment, working to these standards.  Of course if a component has reached its end of life, then a refusal notice should be issued (VT30).  


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